We are so so so excited that Tribal Sport are our new merchandise, uniform and apparel supplier for the 2019 season.


Tribal Sport has a range that showcases their passion for all things sports. Their aim is to provide the finest sportswear and team apparel possible for the many clubs and customers from Australia and South Pacific. Their team live and breathe sport - and it is their passion to improve the look of team apparel and sportswear for any club or client. Their product range is moulded around satisfying everyone involved, from the club staff to the people performing on the field. Whether it is match day equipment or club apparel, they aim to make a club stand out from the competition before the siren even sounds. 


Currently online via GDFC's Online Store are PRE-SALE ITEMS (not the full range of products). Production won't begin until the end of the pre sale period. This pre-order will run from 12/12/18 through until the 8/1/19. A more extensive range with more products will be released following the conclusion of the pre-sale period.

To get your hands on some of these amazing items, Visit GDFC's Online Store here >

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