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At the Glenorchy Football Club our sponsors are very important to us, as we know that they are an integral and vital aspect of the Club’s ongoing existence among the community. As a community Club, our interests are very much directed at making sure those businesses in the community who are willing to support us are, in turn, well supported.


The player jumper and apparel sponsors are an important means of meeting a small amount of the cost for running the football teams. 


Club sponsors are the sponsors who we work with at the Club to give a profile to amongst our membership. Generally these sponsors supply services and offer products and services at a discount to our membership. Categories exist for many types of branding and inclusion in our marketing, print and social media communications.

Silver Sponsors

Club Supply Partners

These are the partners who assist the Club by working as our delivery partners and are recognised for the extra service or reduced fee for which they supply the Club.

For anymore information on any sponsors of the club, please visit our Senior Club's website here >

Here you will find all the relevant information on the club's partners and sponsors.

A massive thank you to all who support grassroots football and our great club!

#TheNest 2023#

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