Registering @ GDFC in 2020

Scroll down for details, pricing and instructions on how to register for both Auskick and U/8s-U/16s

Thank you for choosing to join 'The Nest' in 2020 @GDFC. 

Before registering, please read the following details & instructions carefully and to then register, please follow the relevant links above.

2020 Pricing

See below details on our 2020 Early Bird Registration Costs. Our part payment options will be open for the 2020 season in the New Year.

We at GDJFC are pleased to announce our Early Bird Registration offer for the upcoming 2020 STJFL season.

If you register your child at GDJFC before December 31st 2019, you will receive $15.00 off your total registration cost as a thanks from us for your loyalty to our club:

Fee breakdown: Junior/Youth (not including Auskick - see below for details).

2020 Early Bird Prices ($15.00 saving):

(Effective until the December 31st 2019 - Inclusive of team and individual photo costs)

Junior - Under 8's - Under 12’s - $16.00 + $120.00 + $30.00 photos = $166.00 total

Youth - Under 13's - Under 16's -  $16.00 + $155.00 + 30.00 photos = $201.00 total

2020 Prices (same as 2019 prices):

(Effective from January 1st 2020 - Inclusive of team and individual photo costs)

Junior - Under 8's - Under 12's - $16.00 - $135.00 + $30.00 photos = $181.00 total

Youth - Under 13's - Under 16's - $16.00 - $170.00 + $30.00 photos = $216.00 total


There are no part-payment options for the early bird registration fees, all fees must be made in full to receive these great benefits.

Part-payments will be back though at GDJFC in 2020, they will be available from the January 1st 2020 on SportsTG for all 2020 fees.

If you are eligible for a Ticket to Play Voucher in the 2020 season, please contact Kelly Males (Treasurer) to organise your early-bird registration: 0409 567 141

* For anymore information/queries, contact: Joel Berry
Junior Development Officer - 0427 582 188 OR

Registration Instructions

The online registration process is a relatively simple process. Click on the link that is relevant to you, follow the step-by-step instructions which will require you to enter all of your details.

Payment is made at the end of the registration process and you are able to select which payments you'd like to make at the time.

Please ensure you save/note/remember your log in details! If you're doing part-payments you'll need these details to log back in and pay your remaining instalments! You won't be required to pay the $16.00 League fee again or re-enter your details, you'll simply be able to skip to the end and pay any of your remaining instalments. 

During the registration process, you may be required to enter a 'Police Check Number' & a 'Police Check Expiry Date'. From club level, we are unable to remove this section from the registration process but you'll be required to enter something in order to continue. For this section of the registration process, please enter any date from 2020 onwards and any 8 digit number so you're able to move along in the process.

Please ensure you make the payments which are relevant to your child's age group and that you read these instructions carefully before beginning the registration process. If you have any issues at all, please contact our Junior Facebook Page directly or contact for any technical assistance.

Some common registration issues may include:

- Not entering a Police Check Number or Police Check Expiry Date

- Being previously registered at another club and not having received a clearance/permit

- Not knowing your registration email address or password if you are a returning player.

For any assistance, please contact our Junior Facebook Page directly or contact


Auskick prices at GDJFC are set at $120.00 to cover the costs of running our program at an all-weather venue and this fee also includes both team and individual club photos.

For anymore details on Auskick, please visit the above 'Auskick Registration' link and enter 7010 as your postcode to bring up the GDJFC Auskick Centre.

Here you will find all the details you need to be a little magpie in 2019!

For any assistance, please contact our Junior Facebook Page directly or contact Auskick Coordinator Joel Berry > Some of the same issues mentioned above may apply to any Auskick related registration difficulties. 

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